Wish You All Happy and Relaxing Easter!


Dear Friends, from all over the world,

I wish you a happy and relaxing Easter, with your dearest ones.
I wish you good health and may the Easter celebration to bring hope and joy again into your hearts.
This year Easter is celebrated by all Christian communities on the same date. A wonderful and clear ecumenism, just like we have lived for centuries here, in Brasov. It would be normal to be just one Easter date for Orthodoxes, Catholics and Protestants!

I want to invite You to one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. A city with fine people and a fine history. Just because of the people and its geo-strategic position I am positive that Brasov will become soon the most prosperous and attractive locations in Romania.

Please be sure of my full involvement as a local counselor, for the good of Brasov and its citizens that I have always loved and respected.

Scrie-mi aici părerea ta